Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Fairness Doctrine, Fair to Whom?

I received an email from a fellow blogger about the Congressional vote on the Fairness Doctrine and how an open vote in Senate refused to support the doctrine 87-11, but as Paul Harvey used to say, “now here is the rest of the story.” So behind closed doors Dick Durban attempts to slide into the back door, known as a rider, "take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership," if passed this could effectively end free speech for certain radio stations, and of course bloggers. We would be made to give equal time on a subject to both the Christian point of view, and other religions and non-religions. Topics that may not be supportive of the biblical point of view, on marriage, pro-life issues etc. Why should a listener supported Conservative radio station have to tell the others sides point of view, if I wanted to hear K-Love give me the secular point on a subject I would listen to a secular radio station.
The other problem seems to be that as bloggers and conservative Christians we are getting information to quick out on the net, leaving the deceptive ones to have to scramble to defend themselves. In other words we are telling it like it is, and getting it to the public to fast for them to hide what they are doing. Thus they want the FCC to be able to monitor what bloggers are saying on the net. They want us to give equal time to the opposite point of view, well the way I see it if they want the opposite point of view out there they need to find, or create bloggers who have the opposite point of view. I am in no way going to support, or publish anything I do not agree with, that is the point of free speech.
For too long the AFLCIOU has been able to dictate to Christian believers where they can pray, when they can pray, and for that matter what constitutes a prayer. If they can hide behind separation of Church and State, then I should be allowed the same defense. We cannot allow them to stop the Christian writers from publishing what they want on the internet. I am not intruding into their homes, if they do not like what I say they simply have the right to hit the “X” symbol, and turn me off. I am not intruding into their kids lives in school again they do not have to read what I have to say.
The point is Congress and the rest of the political machine wants to censor what we as Christian writers are telling the voting public about what they are doing. They want to be able to monitor and block our points of view. Sounds to me like Satin is getting a little afraid of God’s word being disseminated out on the internet causing more people to believe in God, he is worried about losing souls to God, so maybe we are doing a good job. Keep up the good work, and get the Good News of the gospel out to the people who need it. Until next time this is Nadine signing off.


  1. WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN CHRIST RETURNS from John the apostle {scribe}

    "men of God" who made money off his word know what you will do for the first 1000 years of eternity want to know?

    Hi how you doing?

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    God calls that stealing he does not care what the IRS thinks does or says is legal.

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    911 was the "rapture" not what you was told by paid religionist


    The Sanhedrin that nailed Christ to a tree prayed 3 times a day.They fulfilled the rituals; they served the God of Abraham and truly believed they were doing God's will.

    Compared to first century Christian’s ministers they was spiritual giants. I am talking about first century ministers today.

    What they have in common is a business model. I warned you when we first met it are the scriptural ministers which do the most damage to the bride of Christ. You failed to look at the true reason I was showing you. You chose to divert the reason to side issues.

    It is the sin of the Sanhedrin religious pride in the idol of your idea about God in place of the Living God. I am not the Lord Jesus Christ; I am the closest friend of the Lord Jesus Christ. Of course he would have me look and act the way I do just to tick people off who think they are higher in God's standing than they really are.

    Christ hates people like that. You destroyed what ever you thought you were building because the concept that God could use some one as base, course, damaged as me in preference to you was "unthinkable" sound familiar? Secret society established by King Herod Agrippa

    The Origin of Freemasonry Masonry was founded by
    King Herod Agrippa with other eight Jewish Founders In the year AD43

    King Herod Agrippa: I summoned the court of Jerusalem and said:

    "Dear Brothers, "Let us all understand then, and let us not forget, that this fundamental meeting realized by this new group is based on Brotherhood . . .”

    We have noted a great power in Jesus so called Christ, which he left as an inheritance to that group he called disciples. He founded an Association that he called a religion, it being called that by them as well.

    This supposed religion is at a point of overturning the foundations of our religion and demolishing it . . .

    "He attributed to himself the gift of prophecy and the power of performing miracles. He claimed to be the hoped-for Messiah of whom our prophets announced the coming; not being anything but a vulgar man like the rest of the people, devoid of any feature of the Divine Spirit, withdrawn to the extreme from the rectitude of our firm Jewish doctrine, from which we are determined not to deviate in even one point.

    "Never will we recognize such a person as the Messiah, nor will we recognize his divinity. We know that the hoped-for Messiah is not yet among us, nor has the time of his coming arrived. Nor has any sign been exhibited that might indicate his appearance.

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    But it was claimed that he was raised, resurrected! ... He disappeared in an unknown manner, in spite of the zealous vigilance and the security of the closure . . . "His leaving the tomb, my friends, was a decisive blow for his rivals; it was a powerful means that encourages his men to continue spreading his teachings and to prove the confirmation of his divinity . . .”

    We will not recognize, on any point, a religion other than ours, the Jewish religion that we have inherited from our ancestors. Duty calls us to preserve it until the end time. That blow had never been expected. That mysterious force had never been dreamed of. Our fathers attacked it and we continue attacking it. In spite of everything, astonishing!

    Their number increases. Observe with me how the son is separated from the father, the brother from his brother, the daughter from her mother, all alienating themselves to join that group. This affair encloses a great secret. How many men, how many women, how many entire families have abandoned the Jewish religion in order to follow those impostors, those partisans of Jesus. How many times they were threatened by the priests and authorities, in vain!" (The Dissipation of the Darkness, the Origin of Masonry, pp. 45-47).

  3. A careful study of the work of Paul shows how astute a political animal Paul was. This is lost today for most people who use religion today. Paul used the differences between political factions in order to find support for some things which they agreed with about Christ and disagreed with about otherwise political partners in the Sanhedrin. We must learn to do the same today in American religious political battle ground. In the New Testament Paul used the division of political power correctly drawing support from one of Herod's sons which was loved for wisdom and hard work on behalf of the people. This son received only one fourth of what his father had but his name lasted into the present time as "a good King". Yet no knowledge of this King is in the minds of most ministers today much less general believers. This is due to the dummy up nature of spiritual blindness paid religionist use to keep the general believer stupid about the things of God and politics in order for the church to be dominated easily...we must learn to use the differences of the politicians today for the work of the Hidden Book to save both lives and treasure.

    Israel today it is against the law to say Jesus Christ was the messiah much less God. Yet they rob our churches control our ministers and the funny part is they are not even real Jews.

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Demonic deception making the heirs of the God of Abraham slaves in their own land 90% of the Jews in Israel are either Levites which get no land or converts from over 1000 years ago which leave only the original people living their the last blood relatives of Christ Palestinians once you get rid of the PLO which is ruled by the children of King Herod: Hammas which are honest truthful and decent they just hate americans which is understandable. Now think what more proof do you need that Lucifer the God of this world is trying to kill off the last blood family of Christ using a new sanhedrin and and a new roman army to do it?

  4. Remember the collect ability rules. $50 a word providing no one attacks, stops, destroys or blocks any messages. As I explained if someone deletes, insults, rejects any message from the Hidden Book they are blocked from authorization lose all right to redeem any messages at all. All messages they have are informational only.

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    Those people who have access are limited by code in all areas (which is recorded by MSN) supply the tracking of all messages since they will have to pay for blocking the messages prior to Bill Gates restoring all sites. Anyone who illegally deleted messages will pay $50 per word times the number of people who would have an opportunity to collect.

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    He uses me as a stalking horse, I go from site to site looking for those awake waiting for the end waiting for the end of mankinds rape of the earth and its brother. The truly evil will die and burn in hell, but that is nothing it serves no one to hear 3 billion people died today. It does not teach anything and christ is above all a teacher. He wants to teach that have the wealth the power the things they hold so dear that they have no room in thier heart for the truth a lesson that they will never forget for 1000 years. he plans on stripping everyone of property rights for the earth and redistributing just as he did In the Middle east..

    My job as a stalking horse is publish the hidden book of revelation bring the good news of his return and extract judgement on those who have contempt for God by taking away everything the think is more important than God and give it to those who are ready to hear and do the will of God. you will not be asked to anything illegal or sinful or harmful. Be like the jews in the concentration camps record those people who rejected the Hidden Book and thier property is yours when Christ proves the Hidden Book is true.

  5. Our Prayer is three fold. First Part is binding the demons. We bind the demons to the east to the west to the north, south, above and below, and WITHIN OUR SELVES in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We pray Lord you take these bound demons to the lake of fire 1000 years before their time as a warning to other demons not to harass us or our family in Jesus name we pray.

    Second Part.

    God grant us the Serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can. The wisdom to know the difference we seek knowledge of your will and the Power to carry it out Lord.

    Third Part {think about each thought and word you say slowly}

    Yahweh hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into harsh testing deliver us from all evil of this world protect us during this tribulation before the return of the messiah.

    The main problem is disconnecting in the entire American nation between right and wrong. In order to build World Empire we need non thinking alpha males at least 20% of every generation suitable for war. They must be fearless about physical conflicts but fear government authority. We reward these non-thinking non spiritual beings by making them “Gods” in the sports arena first, sports business second. It does not matter that are barely literate since most will be broke by business partners and series of ex-wives they have when their body gives put.

    The money they generate will be enjoyed by many who secretly have contempt for them. America needs this activity to maintain “Warrior” standing for the military industrial complex unequaled by all other nations. This is why God will destroy us just like the first Roman Empire

    Jewish controlled Palestine had freedom of speech for Jesus until he told them the truth. Zionist needed the Roman Empire to kill him because they feared killing a prophet wanted the Romans to be punished. Rome acted accordingly. 2,000 years later both the New Roman Empire and Zionist are still playing games this time when Christ returns no one will be able to nail him back up not even the Zionist.